Why I’m Not #blessed That Much Anymore

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2 Responses

  1. Judith Thomason says:

    Jamie, I get what you are saying about using the work blessed in a superficial way; it can be overused until the meaning is shallow, not deep or meaningful. Thanks for bringing this out. But what about when someone wishes you a “blessed day”? That makes me feel wonderful, because it reminds me of the gift our Savior gave us. We are blessed when we know we are saved, and it certainly is not a trivial thing. As always, you are a sincere and thoughtful writer, and always remind me that we are here to follow His commands.

    • Jamie Lath says:

      You are totally right. I don’t think it is always meant in such a shallow way, and I think wishing blessings upon someone else may be a bit different than calling out the blessings in your own life for others to notice. Thanks for pointing that out!

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