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When You Suddenly Realize You Need to Understand the Sabbath

When You Suddenly Realize You Need to Understand the Sabbath

April feels a bit like a runaway roller coaster. And it’s just begun, people.

I think it has to do with how winter is melting away, yet summer isn’t here. We are still in the thick of all the things and it feels a bit mucky because the lightness of summer isn’t in view yet. April is the hump day of the months.

So, it seems like a good time to focus on rest.

My family has been attempting to observe the Sabbath these past few weeks. It’s awkward to state that because with it being a command and all, you’d think we would have started this earlier. Plus, it’s a bit of a nebulous term, “honor the Sabbath.” It means a lot of different things to people.

For us, it’s meant we try to push pause on all the things that get in the way of God and focus on Him all day on Sundays. One thing we’ve done is stop the vapid entertainmenty type things. Lucky for my kids, there is enough Christian entertainment that they aren’t left without a single thing to watch (thank you, Veggie Tales).

We are also trying to stop the busy. Running here, running there, finishing up the weekend so that we are ready for Monday. We now try to get ready for Monday on Saturday and then rest on Sunday.

As a stay at home mom, not doing “work” on Sunday has been confusing. My work is the same every day no matter what. Food still has to be made, dishes still have to be done (or not done, please don’t come over and look at my sink right now), diapers have to be changed, boo boos have to be kissed, and toys have to be picked up before someone dies when they roller skate across the floor on so many hot wheels. It has me contemplating what it means to rest for me because naps and bubble baths are not always an option.

I actually don’t have any answers to all this yet, but no one in Jesus’ time did either and everyone has been struggling since. I do know that it is embarrassing to mention that we have just suddenly decided to honor a commandment that we’ve known about for a long time.

So, I’m going to spend April exploring the Sabbath and looking at what it means to rest in God. Grab a pillow and come with me on this journey. I think it should at least involve a nap or two, right?

Help a girl out as I start on this journey and let me know: how do you rest?

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