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What to Do When You Distracted Thoughts Rule Your Prayer Time

What to Do When You Distracted Thoughts Rule Your Prayer Time

Father, help my husband to be a light at work. Give him insight into the truth that each person needs to hear. Help his words stick. Stick. Peanut butter. Need to put peanut butter on grocery list. Wait. Praying here. Ok. Also, I pray that you would also help us to raise our boys so that they understand compassion and grace and love. I pray that they would hunger for you. So, hungry. Oh, I’ve got to clean the fridge today. PRAYING HERE! Help me be quick to ask forgiveness when I have done wrong so that I model confession and repentance to my children.

And so it goes with my prayer life. Distracted and run around, but hey, I’m getting it done.

Kind of.

Often times, I’m praying in pockets of time, while doing something else like the dishes or in the dark as I try to convince someone to go to sleep after a bad dream. The wandering thoughts just have to be brought back into focus through sheer will power and the help of the Holy Spirit.

There is something though that has been helpful when I have time to focus a bit (and it goes along with the whole coloring book craze. Trendy alert!). It’s Praying in Color.

The basic concept is to doodle while you pray and then color in the doodles to keep you focused on your specific prayer requests.

pryaing in color

This website explains it more.

Now, I am so artistically inept that I once drew a sliver of a moon on the board for some kids I was teaching in China, and they declared it a banana. True story. My stick people don’t even work for me.

But this is something I can do. Draw an amoeba shape and color it in. Done.

My mom created these prayer drawing and then copied them onto cardstock.

moms prayer

She mailed her prayer cards to the people she had been praying for. How cool is that?

So as we are working on intercessory prayer this month, try praying in color. It can’t hurt.

For funsies, I’m going to do a little giveaway. If you like my facebook page, then you will be entered to win a small sketchbook and colored pencils for praying in color (if you already like the page, you are already entered). Bonus entries for every new comment on the blog or my facebook page during that week, too. I can only mail it to those in the continental US. so all my non-US friends are out on this one (sorry!). The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, August 19 at 10 p.m. CST. 

So, like my page, and you might be the lucky one who gets chosen at random for the praying in color goodies!


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  • Hahaha, I am right there with you! I even fall sleep while praying! (BTW, best sleep ever) some times I sit myself in a corner facing the wall so I don’t get too distracted… but is always a struggle. Love.

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