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Is Your Prayer Life Lifeless?

Is Your Prayer Life Lifeless?

Like an actor “talking” on the phone. Like leaving a voicemail knowing no one would hear it. Like speaking into the wind.

I knew what I should say, but I didn’t think much about who was on the other side.

My prayer life was dull, lifeless. It was my fault.

I wasn’t breathing any life into my prayers.

“Go to the deep place where nobody goes and sit with God on the steps of your soul.” Jill Briscoe (paraphrase)

Sitting at the steps of my soul with God. Could we be so familiar, so intimate?

I heard my prayers, shocked at how dry my life had become with him. Just the idea of praying sounded so boring, so brittle before.

I had forgotten I was speaking to someone.

My husband pictures approaching a throne and speaking at the bottom as he bows down.

“That doesn’t seem intimate to me,” I said. “Seems intimidating.”

He shrugged. “It’s intimate to me.”

Francis Chan mentions this throne image as he says he needed to be reminded that God is holy, powerful, and deserves reverence, not just a “Hey dude, what’s up?”.

The picture itself isn’t as important as remembering Someone is there on the other side of the conversation.

Each time as I’ve come to God lately, I’ve thought about how I picture Him, or don’t picture Him, as I pray.

Lately as I’ve come to the steps of my soul, His arm goes around me. Comforting me in my tiredness as we are dealing with illness right now.

Intimate. Soul filling. Life giving.

Is your prayer life dead? Have you forgotten to remember you are speaking to Someone?

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God is a person, not just a dead line on the other end.

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