grace walking

What is Grace Walking?

This blog is to talk about waking up to being a lukewarm, apathetic Christian who thought she was doing okay. I know about Martin Luther, so I know that what we do is not how we are saved. But, I’ve also read the book of James (that “right strawy epistle” according to Luther). James said “faith without works is dead.” We can’t just take without doing and giving. I’m afraid the church in many countries, including my own USA, has been consumed with things that are not important, mainly things not of eternal significance. I feel like moldy Christian, waters stagnant and funky. Every week, I will write about how I woke up a little more to something I feel is missing. Walk with me on this journey to figure out how to live for God again. We are going to start practicing grace, not just professing it.

About Jamie Lath:

Jamie was born at a very young age in what later became a mental hospital in Texas. She was kicked out of every school she attended (upon graduation). The University of North Texas mistakenly bestowed a B.A. in Communication Studies on her. Dallas Theological Seminary made the same mistake by giving her a Th.M. in Media Arts. As if she just couldn’t learn her lesson, Texas Woman’s University also gave her a Master’s in Library Science. Can anyone say perpetual student?

Jamie became a Christian in the summer of 1995. Since then she has tried working with children, youth, international students, and adults, but they just won’t work with her. She has taught English in China; been a librarian in Taiwan; traveled through the UK, Argentina, and Thailand; and did language study in Japan. Each country kindly escorted her to the border with warm wishes upon her departure. Jamie likes sleeping, talking to friends, the beaches of Hawaii (not that she’s been, but she thinks she’d like them), and mangos. She doesn’t exactly know how to swim, but she knows how to not drown. She doesn’t exactly know how to cook, but she knows how to not starve. And, she doesn’t exactly know what a split infinitive is, but she knows how to not edit herself.